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KGI International Sales

KGI holds all proper licensing and registration as an exporter of firearms and maintains full compliance with ITAR. We assist some of the largest companies in the industry with international trade processes as well as ensuring proper end user delivery. Assistance is frequently provided to foreign entities through import/export of firearms, tactical equipment and gear. Our experienced staff works directly with State Department officials and will make international trade arrangements with any approved entity.

KGI is prepared to assist in your firearms export regardless of size or quantity.

We welcome interested parties to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the export process.

Our base fees are very competitive within the industry. The charges include the payment of all required U.S. Government Agency fees, to include the United States Department of State.

KGI is fully licensed an qualified to assist you with any ITAR-related licenses and agreements issued by the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). These include:

  • DSP-5: Permanent Export License
  • DSP-61: Temporary Import License
  • DSP-73: Temporary Export License
  • DSP-85: Classified Export License
    *Please call to schedule a meeting for DSP-85 processes

The United States State Department utilizes an advanced system for electronic license applications known as D-Trade. The license applications require detailed documents to ensure compliance. Your understanding and cooperation in the following areas will enable us to process your application more quickly. The instructions that follow are for the most common permanent export processes:

  • Purchase Order: Must be signed and must clearly list the description, quantity, caliber, manufacturer, model and prices of commodities to be licensed.
  • End User Statement: Must be included either on the Purchase Order or as a separate document. For example “The products ordered will only be sold and used within (name the country of purchase). Re-export in not permitted without authorization by the US Department of State.”
  • DSP-83: Must provide the same detail and completely match the product information and prices on the PO. The applicant in Section 2 is KGI . Section 6 and/or 7 must be signed by the importer.
  • International Import Certificate(s): Must be translated into clear, concise English. Expiration dates must be clearly stated and legible. The original import permits in native language must also be supplied.

All supporting documentation is now scanned and submitted as pdf files. To expedite the licensing process, we can accept clearly scanned pdf files of these supporting documents to include with license applications.

The originals must be mailed to our office to validate the application. If the customer prefers a specific freight forwarder, this information must be provided with documents. The added carrier must be in compliance to handle ITAR goods. Our established freight forwarders are secure and approved.

Original documents for all licenses should be mailed to our office in Van Buren to the following address:

ATTN: International Services
1204 Knesek Lane
Van Buren, AR 72956

We suggest that you email scanned copies of the documents to be included with the license application to our office for review before sending them. Please contact us if you have any questions when you are preparing documents or scans. Providing accurate information on your documents will expedite your application processing. As a licensed firearms dealer and distributor, KGI (KGI) maintains excellent relationships with many other U.S. based firearms distributors and manufacturers. We assist in export processes of all sizes – from individual items to thousands items.

Please note that some countries may not require an import permit – please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your transaction. Our staff is prepared to walk you through the process to ensure a swift and fully compliant transaction. A DSP-5 export permit is valid for four (4) years, or the expiration of the foreign issued import permit, whichever is comes first.

Here are a few advantages of selecting our company:

  • We are perfectly, centrally located in the middle of the US.
  • We are five minutes away from an airport.
  • State-of-the-art facility.
  • Company is privately owned and operated; no investors.
  • On-site Corporate ranges.
  • Training and mounting, worldwide.
  • On-site and Mobile training on all the weapon systems we sell.
  • On-site Import/Export department.
  • Shipping containers can be offloaded within five miles of our corporate headquarters.
  • On-site repair and painting department.
  • Our staff is experienced, well-trained and willing to go above and beyond for your needs.
  • On-site Research & Development department.

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